The Launch of MinMin Bears

The launch of MinMin Bears was held on April 12, 2012, the exact 7th year anniversary of her mother’s transplant.  Friends, family and the community gathered to witness and support an idea, that was 7 years in the making.  Held in the breathtaking Cullum Homes at Paradise Reserve in Paradise Valley, Arizona, MinMin Bears made their debut to the world, and made their message heard, and available for those facing the organ donation process. 
The evening was filled with love and laughter, but the theme of the party was hope and giving.  With over 15 partners that came together, this lavish and exciting event was done by each and every company in the name of charity and spreading a message.  A list of those who made the evening possible can be found below.  The MinMin bear launch was one that could not have been done without these experts and professionals, our program is forever grateful to have worked with the industries best for this event.

The entire evening of the launch and the funds were dedicated to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, where the money went right back into the direct patient aide program.  This program was the same resource the McCray’s were blessed with, and found inspiring that these bears will in turn assist another families needs.